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中国开放数据白皮书 2023

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posted on 2023-11-29, 20:55 authored by Chen Runsheng, Yuanchun Zhou, Jiang Lulu, Zhang Zeyu, Li Zongwen, Gu Xin, Liu Jie, Chen Xin, Liu Ning, Zou Ziming, Xu Xin, Hu Xiaoyan, Tong Jizhou, Xu Qi, Tang Weiwei, Ma Juncai, Li Guoqing, Chen Zugang, Zhou Guomin, Kan Kan, Luo Yuqi, Liu Zilong, Xiong Xingchuang, Kong Lihua, Xi Yan, Chongfang Wang, Graham SmithGraham Smith, Nick Campbell

This white paper is jointly released by Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNIC), Springer Nature, Figshare, Science Data Bank and Digital Science.

CNIC analyzed Chinese researchers’ attitudes towards and experiences of open data based on the survey for the State of Open Data shared by Springer Nature, Figshare and Digital Science. CNIC also invited guest pieces from multiple stakeholders in China to create a complete overview of open data policy, practice, and prospects in China. The stakeholders include: Intellectual Property Development & Research Center, China National Intellectual Property Administration, multiple national scientific data centers, data journal experts and etc.

It is opened by the foreword jointly authored by CHEN Runsheng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Professor of CAS Institute of Biophysics, and ZHOU Yuanchun, Deputy Director of CNIC. This foreword summarizes the whole report.

Followed by:

  • China State of Open Data Report 2023
  • China rules of new type of intellectual property protection for scientific data
  • Policy and practice of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in promoting open data
  • Practice and reflection on open data in space science in China
  • Construction and application of the global microbial big data sharing platform
  • Current status and trends of open sharing of Earth observation scientific data in China
  • Practice and progress of open sharing of agricultural scientific data in China
  • Open sharing of metrology data based on SI digital framework
  • Open data policy and practice of China S&T journals
  • Open data in China - Springer Nature’s policy, practice and perspective


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