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The State of Open Data Report 2019

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posted on 2019-10-24, 10:02 authored by Digital ScienceDigital Science, Briony FaneBriony Fane, Paul AyrisPaul Ayris, Mark HahnelMark Hahnel, Iain HrynaszkiewiczIain Hrynaszkiewicz, Grace BaynesGrace Baynes, Emily Farrell
The State of Open Data 2019 report is the fourth in the series and includes survey results and a collection of articles from global industry experts.

It is now the longest running longitudinal study on the subject, which was created in 2016 to examine attitudes and experiences of researchers working with open data – sharing it, reusing it, and redistributing it. This year’s survey received a record number of survey participants with around 8,500 responses from the research community.

While most trends are encouraging around the adoption and acceptance of open data, the research community is now demanding more enforcement of the mandates that have been adopted by many governments, funders, publishers and institutions around the world.

The majority of researchers want funding withheld and penalties for a lack of data sharing.