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International Arctic Research: Analyzing Global Funding Trends. A Pilot Report (2017 Update)

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posted on 2017-04-24, 09:46 authored by Igor OsipovIgor Osipov, Dimensions Support TeamDimensions Support Team

This pilot analysis is the result of an exploratory collaboration between the UArctic Science & Research Analytics Task Force and Digital Science international research teams. The aim was to assess the global funding landscape around Arctic-related research for the decade spanning 2007 to 2016, using the funding data from the Dimensions dataset, which includes information from over 250 funders on more than 3,000,000 projects with funding totalling $1.1 trillion+ (in US Dollars). This project is the first ever attempt to create a comprehensive view of global Arctic research funding using a dataset of such magnitude, and this report is a ‘refresh’ of our first 2016 report, showing new data from Denmark and Japan.