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Arctic Altmetrics: Alternative Perspectives on the Impact of Arctic Research. A Working Paper

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posted on 2016-09-14, 10:45 authored by Igor OsipovIgor Osipov, Dr. Dag W. Aksnes, Dr. Lars Kullerud, Giles Radford, Dr. Diane Hirshberg, Katherine Christian, Euan AdieEuan Adie, Jean LiuJean Liu, Aaron A. SorensenAaron A. Sorensen

There exist a significant number of information sources, apart from the scientific literature, with which to assess the social impact (not to be confused with “societal impact”) of the findings produced by Arctic researchers and institutions. Various policy documents, online news and media publications, white papers, tweets, and Facebook posts provide additional data points to help assess the reach and potential impact of publicly funded research, including Arctic research. 

In this working paper, we provide some alternative perspectives of the way one could view the impact being made by Arctic-related science.