GRID release 2020-03-15

2020-03-26T16:07:55Z (GMT) by Data-science Digital-science
A database of over 97,000 research institutes with persistent identifiers.

New GRID entries for:

- Missing institutes and centers of Fraunhofer Society
- NARO research institutes and centers
- Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) institutes and centers
- Requests from ROR


- Added metadata to GRID records without any url and with the types "Government", "Nonprofit" and "Company"
- Added Geonames IDs to GRID records without any
- Name corrections and language label updates
- Update of ROR IDs (ROR release December 2019 Version 2)


- Review of multinational companies and updates on relationships and name labels

Geonames data is CC-BY, and noted as such in the data.